I didn’t begin writing until later in life when the business of living slowed down, and the exploration of thoughts and feelings came into the forefront. My first writing attempts were filled with cliches and trite descriptions, but gradually I learned to weave emotions into the stories and transfer my dream onto a page.

     My motivation for writing A Shattered Life was twofold. I wanted to explore the relationship between a husband and wife who grieved separately over the loss of their son. What happens to that couple when one of them gets the deadly diagnosis of cancer?

     Secondly, I have a strong interest in history and genealogy. Finding connections to ancestors in my own family, helped in forming interesting characters for this book. Five individual stories, told between each of the six chemotherapy sessions, link the past to the present. Below is Kim’s (main character) family tree taking the reader on her journey to understanding.

     I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.