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“. . . when grief continues to be intense for more than a year,
it is complicated grief. It is different. . .”


     A moving story of denial and depression taking you inside the complexities of a marriage shattered by a family tragedy. Kim, a psychotherapist and Mark, an emotionally distant lawyer, build layers of protective defenses around them in order to survive, but when Kim receives a diagnosis of cancer, her unhealed pain rises to the surface.

     Kim embarks on an exploration of her Midwestern ancestors to find answers to the ‘why me” question. Starting with a diphtheria epidemic in the late 1800’s to her current practice as a psychotherapist, she seeks understanding of the person she has become.


Karen Shapiro is a retired school psychologist and teacher with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. She has a strong interest in Genealogy and bases her stories on actual events discovered while researching her family tree. She is a life-long student of continuing/online education, with an associate degree in web design and workshops in travel and fiction writing.