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“. . . when grief continues to be intense for more than a year,
it is complicated grief. It is different. . .”

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Kim is a psychotherapist who can treat others but cannot overcome her own complicated grief. Her husband, Mark, is distant and unable to express feelings. Five years after the death of their only child, Mark and Kim are emotionally empty and lost in a marriage of denial. They maintain a façade of happiness until Kim gets an unexpected diagnosis of cancer. Her world shatters.

Presented with her own mortality, Kim embarks on a quest to discover her living history, seeking an answer to the “why me” question. In between the chemotherapy needles and doctor visits, she searches her genealogy and uncovers her family stories. Epidemics, political discourse, PTSD, the turbulent 60’s, all link the past to the present as Kim learns to heal.


Karen Shapiro is a retired school psychologist and teacher with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. She has a strong interest in Genealogy and bases her stories on actual events discovered while researching her family tree. She is a life-long student of continuing/online education, with an associate degree in web design and workshops in travel and fiction writing.