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I mentioned on the previously page that I am new to the writing field. Creating this novel presented many challenges and learning experiences, especially the use of descriptive language. I wanted to immerse the reader into the world of the story and experience the emotions of the characters within their settings.

The picture below shows the house where Kim’s father, Fred, grew up pre-WWII. Below it, an excerpt from the book describes the house.

What would you do to enrich the text and make the scene come alive?

Please comment.

 Fred, Ruth, and Jim grew up in a typical one-and-a-half story Milwaukee bungalow. The half story consisted of an A-framed attic with a finished bedroom in the front, above the porch. The porch was large and welcoming, and once you stepped inside, the hardwood floors and beautifully crafted wood cabinets made you feel at home.

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